Bedside Tables

My little sweet pea,

Every morning you wake up at around 5:00am these days and have recently started standing up in your cot and shouting on top of your lungs until we come and fetch you. So the new morning routine is to put you on the bedroom floor with your toys while we catch another half hour nap.

Normally this works out fine, but you are so eager to start walking that you thought you would test out my bedside table, pull the drawer out and try stand up. The next minute I catch the bedside lamp flying past and wake up in absolute shock! You had managed to pull the entire bedside table over with everything on it flying just past your head – thank goodness! – but still managing to hold the table up so that it didnt hit your head.

You are one strong little monchichi my girlie. Glad it worked out ok this time.

Love you to the moon and back.

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