Valentines Day 2015

This year we celebrated Valentines day as a complete family. I found myself counting my blessings that my little girl dreams have come true.

We started the day early with a visit from Cupid for Hunter and Kenzie who both got twirly candy sweets for breakfast as a prepared for my run.

20150214_064829 20150214_064627

I came back home to find a beautiful breakfast with all my favorite breakfast woods from Woolworths laid out and a vase filled with white roses from my loving hubby.


But it doesn’t stop there…just before sitting down to breakfast Grandpa joined us with his 34 year old tradition of a gift for his daughter on Valentines day – very special.


After breakfast we treated the kids to a red and white jelly bath, mainly because we have been wanting to do this texture exercise for Kenzie like we did with Hunter but haven’t got around to it so we jumped at the opportunity to get in some family bonding time in before rushing off to a quiet lunch together. They both absolutely loved it, and while it was vastly different from Hunters experience (read more about that here) she really enjoyed having her big brother show her the ropes because she is far more measured in her responses and takes her time before jumping in and enjoying something. Hunter quickly showed her how to slide around and eat the jelly.

20150215_103312 20150215_102500

Before we knew it Uncle Blake had arrived to support Grandpa with baby sitting and the 2 of us were off to enjoy a quiet lunch together – long overdue.20150215_132905

Overall it was a fantastic Valentines day, one that will be remembered on such a sad day for your Dad. Your other Grandpa died on this day no so long ago.

Love you both to the moon and back.

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