Baker Boy

My Darling Hunter,

This week it is your turn to be Baker Boy at school.

The intention of this is to encourage children to get interested in food and bake something with either parent, while starting to think like entrepreneurs. The Baker boy brings his stash to school and stands in the “shop” (plastic house), and sells his goods for R2 to each child. This practice creates great excitement at school and you have been beside yourself with excitement – counting down the days for the big day.

You would think with all this excitement you would want to be apart of the actual baking process, but no, you stood beside me for about 2 minutes holding the spoon and then politely said “That looks lovely Mommy, good job”, and disappeared to go play with your sister.


I might add, from a mothers perspective, that this practice is actually quite stressful. I mean you need to come up with a unique idea that all kids can eat, travels well, and is easy enough to make it look like your child was mildly interested in making. I started with what I thought was the simplest idea of making cars out of biscuits and smarties…note to self this is not the best treat to travel with! Those damn smarties kept falling off and you had to cut the jelly babies in half so they don’t topple over, it drove me up the wall!

Eventually I settled with the idea of speckled egg nests (thanks to Pinterest). I am really think they came out nicely.


Teacher Candice said they were a big hit and the photos speak for themselves…

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