Easter 2015

We had such a busy weekend that there really wasn’t enough energy left to get excited about the Easter Bunny on Saturday night. By the time I was ready to set out the milk and carrots Hunter was passed out on the couch and Kenzie was fast asleep.

But never fear, Hunter woke up at 3 am to look for eggs and was really upset that the Easter Bunny hadn’t arrived as yet.

After returning to bed he woke up at 8 and all we heard from the passage was “Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!”  – The Easter Bunny had left a trail of pink and blue eggs from Hunters bedroom door to the front door. The fact that he was dressed in PJ’s and a Spider-Man hat was beside the point, we didn’t even bother asking.


I had been holding Kenzie back so that Hunter could get the full experience when he woke up and the 2 of you burst out the door and started hunting with such excitement. Hunter really enjoyed Easter this year and gave a special prayer at lunch.

20150405_073753 20150405_073355 20150405_073904 20150405_073921 20150405_074301 20150405_074313

Easter evening/night Dad set up a “Mans Camp” in the garden. Hunter got dressed up in this Spider-Man pajamas and slippers just for the occasion. The 3 of you slept the whole night in the tent, braaied marshmallows and had some special guy time. Super cute!

20150405_191522 20150405_191454


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