Good Friday – A cousin reunion

Your cousins from the UK Liam and Kaitlyn arrived at around 11 on Friday morning all set to go see some wild animals at the Lion and Rhino Park.

Kenzie and I opted to stay home this time considering the terrible trip we had in December – babies and cars don’t work for long periods of time. So you, Dad, Aunty Clara, Uncle Hannes and kids set off to enjoy the day out.

The photos say a thousand words! I cannot tell you how awesome it is that you all got on so nicely and came home with great stories of hugging Lion cubs, seeing Hippo`s and Rhino`s and enjoying ice-creams. (Kenzie just a note your brother traded you for a hat that Aunty Clara had bought just to feel a part of the team.)

2015-04-04 10 57 30 2015-04-04 10 58 13 20150403_123013 20150403_123026 FB_IMG_1428339874612 FB_IMG_1428339922773 FB_IMG_1428339953399 FB_IMG_1428339962102 FB_IMG_1428340040437

That night Tannie Rie and Ouma joined us for a typical South African braai, while the kids played themselves stupid hunting for eggs then hiding them again for the parents to look. What a treat to spend time all together. The girls carried Kenzie around all afternoon kepping her a part of the fun.


Kaitlyn and Liam spent the night which was extra special especially considering the 2 of you both had skeleton pajamas (by chance) which meant you became skeleton firemen.

FB_IMG_1428340040437 FB_IMG_1428339962102

We woke up the next day and all met up at Tres Jolie for breakfast-brunch before Hannes and Clara moved on to their next catch up with friends.

As a start to the Easter weekend we had a ball! In fact Hunter had so much fun that he passed out before he could even leave out milk and carrots for the Easter bunny.

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