The Easter Bunny Meeting – Easter 2015

This year we celebrate the blessing of celebrating Easter as a family of 4 – Mommy is beside herself with excitement.

The build-up has been great too, Hunter is at an age where he can understand the basics of Easter and his school celebrated this year too, with a visit from the Easter bunny.

At this point I would just like to thank the Easter bunny for making our lives a little easier this week, you come as a great bargaining tool. We had less tears, earlier bedtimes, meals finished and easy bath times all in your name.  Thank you!

Hunter had an absolute ball meeting the Easter bunny, and came home with Easter eggs in hand, to give us a demonstration of what happened during the day.

20150331_160646 FB_IMG_1427882107994 FB_IMG_1427882116677 FB_IMG_1427882129769 FB_IMG_1427882138859

Last year this time I was pregnant with Kenzie and we all went down to Clarens for the weekend – Easter 2014. For Kenzie`s benefit I have added the link of the post I wrote to you on your first Easter about the Meaning of Easter.

Here are some links to past Easters:

Easter preparation

Happy Easter 2012

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Easter Break Day 2

Easter Break Day 3/4

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