Easter Farewell`s

This past weekend was jam packed with cousin time. I love this because it’s something I always dreamed of for both of you.

We were invited to Caitlyn`s Birthday party on Saturday at her Grandpa`s house in Pretoria. The 2 of you definitely had your fill of fun. From cakes and sweets, to treasure hunts all around the house, Spider-Man games with your cousins and Lego I will say you day was fun filled.

As a mother the best time of day is when you know your kids have been busy outside and sleep is not far off – even better that we had quite a drive home.

By the time we were ready to leave your sister had finally passed out in her pram and had been sleeping for about 10 minutes when we started loading you in the car. I put her in the car seat still pausing for a minute while thinking she looked like a little Angel. That was short lived because Hunter jumped into the car, still running on the excitement of the day, and made his way to Kenzie`s car seat looking at her like such a proud brother, before screaming “WAKE UP!” in her ear! I literally turned around to face your father and said “Can you deal with the little terrorist please? I can’t be held liable for my actions from this point on.”

Anyway to 2 of you held hands and chatted and sang the whole way home, and were surprisingly chipper for such a long day.

We had made plans to meet Hannes, Clara, Caitlyn and Liam at the airport for a quick breakfast before they left the next day so it was early to bed for everyone.

Sunday started beautifully, the 2 of you were so in love with one another and I finally got a chance to capture the moment.


We arrived well within time and made our way through the airport to the departure gates to have a look if the others had arrived. Hunter obviously recognized the area from our Good-byes with Granny D and turns to me to say “Mom, we not allowed in there only my best friend Granny hey?” to which I replied with a tear “Yes my boy only Granny can go in there but one day we will go and see Granny OK?”

Anyway no one had arrived yet so we made our way to Capellos in the meantime and it wasn’t long before Hannes arrived in a panic with the rest in tow and said he only had 15 minutes to get to the boarding gate, so we had a quick Good-bye followed by many tears by Hunter saying “I don’t have any friends anymore.”
We were joined by Ouma, Tannie Rie, Millah and Ruben late and enjoyed a good brunch before moving onto the viewing platform.

The kids had a ball watching the planes and playing, such special times. Hopefully we get to do this with Caitlyn and Liam sooner rather than later.

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