What’s wrong Mom

I’m sure I have mentioned this before but Hunter has an obsession with Fire trucks, Police cars and Ambulances at the moment. While this is super cute and makes for great distractions on the way to school and back, it is somewhat depressing because of the nature of the jobs that these vehicles are involved in. Luckily we have always managed to see them screaming by en route to some emergency and not the emergency itself.

This changed on our way home on Saturday night. We were close to home when suddenly the road lit up with emergency services, from Fire trucks to ambulances and police cars. Hunter was in his absolute element shouting “look Mom, look all the trucks are here!”

Joining in on the excitement we all sat up a bit straighter to look at the commotion but as we passed the scene I immediately put my hand to my mouth. (We drove past a motorbike accident and the body bag was still on the road as we passed.) I must have made a noise from shock because Hunter immediately asked me what was wrong.

I was calmed by the fact that he couldn’t have seen the body bag and probably didn’t know what it was anyway.

When I didn’t answer, he asked again “What’s wrong Mom?…..you must talk to me!” – such innocence and maturity in the same sentence.

Even though this was a terrible story it was a very cute statement, my little boy is growing up.

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