That awkward moment – Mothers at work

My Darling Hunter,

Your nursery school is literally down the road from our offices. In fact we found out about the school from work and it’s such a lovely school that we decided to enrol you this year and you have been really happy there.

I have only met 2 mothers at work that send their kids there and we often catch up about school activities and chicken pox outbreaks etc. – you know the usual mom talk.

One particular topic that we do discuss regularly is a little boy called Alex. Alex has caused quite a bit of chaos this year. You had a run in with Alex in the 1st two weeks of school you came home a bit teary about Alex, and kept saying “Alex bites” and “Alex is an angry boy”.

Obviously I had discussed this with the other mothers and since then their children have also had run in`s with little Alex. On little girl was terrorized for a couple of weeks, and little Divan has been scratched all over, and so the stories go. We all received an email saying that Alex now has a dedicated teacher looking after him to assist with his anger issues, and he has become a topic of conversation among my work colleagues. He is one of those cute little boys that always seems to be without pants and seems to exert his presence often.

Today I bumped into one of the moms and she was so upset that her little boy had been scratched (Apparently the parents don’t cut the child’s nails) for a second time by this child and that her boy was reprimanded for hitting him back. Anyway long chats later she felt better and we all went on with our day.

A while later, I was sitting at my desk when I heard a women behind me say that her child’s school has an outbreak of Chicken pox. To which I reply “Oh, is your child also at XXX School?”

Stranger says: “Yes, that school is driving me up the wall!”

Me: “Oh really? Why?”

Stranger says: “My child is potty training, and the teachers just let him walk around all day in his undies with no pants.”  – 1st red flag

Me: “What’s your child’s name?”

Stranger says: “Alex!”

I swear I got such a shock that I actually started giggling as all my friends around me seemed to purposely find something else to do with little smiles on their faces. She is no longer Stranger, she is Alex`s MOM!

We spent the rest of the day giggling about what a small world it is. Note to self  – do not discuss anyone at your school anymore!

See 1st Day

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