11 beautiful months

My sweet little princess is 11 months old already!

Boy, how time flies!

You are just a ray of sunshine in our lives and completely adored by all of us.


  • You stand,
  • walk while holding on to anything you can
  • Talk continuously and most of the time you pronounce things we understand like light, Daddy, Mama and you call Hunter Baba.
  • 2 bottom teeth and 2 top teeth (emerged this past weekend)
  • Love any food as long as you can feed yourself
  • Play the piano with your brother while he sings “Jeeesssuss, Jeeessuss!”
  • Love bath time just as much as the shower
  • Flush the toilet
  • Talk to the baby in the mirror
  • Give kisses with tongue sometimes and often blow kisses.

We love you my gorgeous girl, thank you for all the laughs!

1 month to go before the big 1st birthday bash.

20150425_162250 (2) 20150430_064440 20150502_072108 20150502_072119 20150502_072216 20150502_072230 20150502_072239

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