Best Friends @ 1

Last year this time Steph and I were hugging each other goodbye and wishing luck and strength for the birth of our babies. We had spent the last 9 months swapping notes and laughing about the joys of pregnancy in the work place, and now it was time to meet these little critters that had been the center of conversation for so long.

Lihan was born on the 12th May 2014 and Kenzie arrived 3 weeks later on the 2nd June.

It really seemed surreal standing at his 1st birthday party signing Happy Birthday. Just another reminder that my baby girl turns 1 soon and we should savor these precious moments.

The 2 of you had a wonderful time on the jumping castle and ball pit. We completely misjudged the weather remembering all too late the Pretoria is about 3 -5 degrees warmer than Johannesburg, so we slowly but surely removed pieces of clothing as the day went on.

Happy Birthday Lihan – kenzie`s first real friend may there be many more celebrations!

20150509_121119 20150509_120649 20150509_120710  20150509_12002920150509_11083120150509_113832 20150509_113250 20150509_111212

20150509_111116 20150509_111025  20150509_110803

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