Mother’s Day 2015

I woke up to my 1st Mother’s Day as a mother of 2, what an amazing feeling. I was left to sleep in and I woke to the giggles of my favourite little people, a clean kitchen, lunch cooking away and Dad`s excited face – he found a Banting chocolate cake to make just for the occasion.

The day was just perfect. Ouma came around to join in the celebrations and spend some time with her Grandchildren and the house was filled with conversation, music, the smell of food and background music of giggles.

Thank you to your Dad for making the day so wonderful. I thank God every day that he gave me 2 of the sweetest bundles of energy and a husband that spoils me.

To my Mommy – Thank you for the support you have shown over the last year I know with absolute certainty that you pulled me through some very trying times. I love you muchie!

robyns-birthday-133 wpid-img_20140602_00191548

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