Kenzie turns One

1 year in a flash! As a mother you stumble through the first year with your child often dreaming, hoping, counting down the days until the hardest part passes and then, before you know it, it’s over.

My gorgeous little girl turns 1. I watch her with a tear rolling down my cheek partly because I now feel like it went by way too fast and mostly because I am so absolutely proud to be her mom.

I clearly remember that knowing feeling that I was pregnant even though the tests kept saying NO, until a blood test confirmed. The look of shock on her Daddy’s face and including Hunter in the announcement was a defining moment for us.

Was it not just yesterday that we were preparing for your birth with growing excitement? Granny D arriving with all the clothes in Scotland, I basically had a second baby shower! Even the pregnancy seems to pass by in a blurr.

The moment we welcomed you to the world and introduced you to your brother for the first time are up there with the most special moments in my life. I was instantly in love and so protective over you.

The next few months seemed to pass in a circle of sickness, covered in vomit, doctors and laughter, from breast feeding, the passing of Gogo, fever, ankle fusions, Blessing and finally the most beautiful Christmas!

Milestones of your 2 first teeth and crawling, clapping handies are now a thing of the past as you stumble around holding onto anything you can. You have decided that talking is far more important than walking and can say Oupa – “Pa”, “No”, Hunter – “Baba”, Wallace – “Wulce”

You are the most gorgeous, funny and independent little girlie I have met. You are loved deeply by those around you. I love that I have a little girl to balance the scales of all the men around us! Your joy and sparkle follows you where ever you are, my sweetheart. You have definitely been worth the sleepless nights, copious amounts of vomit and tears.

Happy 1st Birthday my Nunu!

1st Birthday

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