Care Bears for Kenzie

Deciding on your 1st birthday theme was a lot harder than I would have thought. I had always imagined I would have a Teddy bears picnic themed party but after scouring Pinterest I decided I needed to branch out a bit more just to get more ideas. Come to think of it Pinterest may have added to the problem because there are so many beautiful ideas for a little girls party.

Needless to say I chose another theme that was just as difficult but with your fathers help (by that I mean “If you change this damn theme again babe! Seriously pick one that suits little girls!”) I settled on a Care Bear theme – mainly because of the invitation. Invite The day was …… Lets start with the food – think rainbows:

  • I outsourced the rainbow rice crispie treats to your Aunty Robs.
  • 20150606_112127
  • I saw a stunning idea of dipping Oreo in food colouring which I thought was a hit.
  • Rainbow cupcakes
  • Fruit layered in rainbow colours
  • Candy wheels
  • Rainbow wands filled with sherbet.
  • 20150605_11315920150605_113306
  • The birthday cake had to be the star of the show so once again I outsourced this function. I had nightmares of the ghosts of birthdays past ( Hunters 1st birthday and Hunters 2nd birthday) when I had attempted to do it myself. I believe I have since grown up and embrace my strengths – cakes not being one of them.
  • 20150606_123958


  • I used your play mats on the grass with wicker baskets filled with baby toys and of course, helium filled balloons, tied to the wicker baskets. This area became the baby station.
  • We had borrowed a jumping castle from our dear friend Lauren which was a big score on cost.
  • For something savoury, I decided on soup for both the adults and children, simply because it was cold outside. I filled some flasks, added a label and laid out some cups for everyone to help themselves. Obviously the picture wouldn’t be complete without some great bread, croutons and chilli to add to the soup.
  • On the adults table I put a row of different sized purity jars and filled them with coloured water and simple white flowers.
  • I bought popcorn boxes that were in the themed colours and used them for chips.
  • 20150606_110018

Party packs: Party packs are always the hardest part of a party. I have been to so many where I come home and tip most of the pack into the bin because:

  • The Kids really don’t remember leaving with a gift – in fact its not expected by them at all.
  • Often the gift is not age appropriate


So I decided to use a small jar of sweets that weren’t available on the sweets table at the party and still resembled the party theme, and of course something that the parents wouldn’t mind eating themselves.

The day was cold but the wind didn’t blow so we were able to enjoy the outdoors.

She had an absolute ball and played so nicely with Lihan.

20150606_110743 20150606_111304 20150606_115628 20150606_121109 20150606_124150 20150606_124250 20150606_124452 20150606_124731 IMG-20150606-WA0001 IMG-20150606-WA0002 IMG-20150606-WA0003 IMG-20150606-WA0009 IMG-20150607-WA0001 IMG-20150607-WA0002

Happy birthday baby girl!

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