Head butting? Really?

While you and your brother get along for the most part, we did notice that he tends to get a bit much at times and have recently seen you starting to voice your distaste.

One perfect example is last night’s bath…Usual set up – toys floating Hunter on one side you on the other, but Hunter started to move over to your side slowly and eventually stretched out across the bath monopolising the space. It seemed that this was the last straw because the next minute you turned and grabbed his hair and HEAD BUTTED him! Yes, that correct Dad and I sat there in shock as Hunter wailed in the bath.

Before we got involved we decided to wait a second to see what you would do next, and true to form you cocked your head to the side bending to his level and rubbed his head while saying “Ahh baba”.

It was so shocking and cute at the same time we didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! We did however explain to Hunter that you are going to start fighting back now so maybe he should think about his choices going forward…I would…in fact I am going to too with a temper like that!

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