With each step she leaves a little sparkle…

My Sweet baby girl,

You decided to take your first few steps on Sunday the 14th June 2015.

We had a beautiful day together as a family, in fact, because it was a long weekend your Dad and I had committed to spending quality time with the 2 of you, so we started the day by visiting Orangatanga`s on Northcliffe corner. While the venue was certainly not suited toward adults you and Hunter had a blast!

You made friends, went down the big slide and shared a plate of chips with your brother, while your Dad and I drooled on the side-line.

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It gave us a moment to check in with each other and in fact we were discussing the fact that you are more than capable of walking but haven’t had the inclination to do so as yet.

Once we were back home, Dad and I stationed ourselves on the floor in front of the TV. We have been trained (by you of course) that it is to your liking to have everyone accessible to you while you crawl around, so we spend most of our time on the floor while Hunter enjoys the couch.

While we were chatting away I saw you stand and hold onto your Dads shoulder, once you turned my way I said “Come my baby” and you walked straight into your Mother’s arms! Such an amazingly beautiful moment with your mouth wide open and your eyes huge with surprise, I am so glad I was home to witness it. We erupted with applause and screams, even you gave yourself a clap while your brother hugged you and said “Well done Girlie!”

The entire weekend was so lovely spending some quality time with my 2 favourite little people. Well done my sweetheart, we are very proud of you!

Proud Daddy and brother!
Proud Daddy and brother!

Love you both muchie!

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