Men of honour – Fathers day 2015

I know this because I live through it and experience his love for you every day, but you two munchkins are too young to understand how absolutely blessed you are to have such an amazing father.

Your Dad will go to the ends of the earth for the two of you and makes time every day to find something to celebrate with you. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t hear him telling you how proud he is to be your Dad or how much he loves you. I am so grateful that you will be guided by a great role model just as I was, because honestly there really aren’t all that many people who can say how wonderful their fathers are.

I have been blessed with an outstanding father who has been a part of every big and small moment in my life, and I now realise the importance of a father, especially when I see him interact with my children.

Fathers Day 2015 was another reminder that no matter what else is happening around us, the love that you are shown from the strong men in your life will hold you in good stead.

We had a quite lunch at home this year; your Dad wasn’t in the mood for a big celebration this year, so we settled in for a cosy lunch at home with Uncle Blake and Oupa.

As usual Hunter was over joyed that his Uncle Blake was there to enjoy the day with him but Kenzie is still a little weary of people – very Mommy vas these days.

After the presents had been handed out and we had 2 very impressed Dads sporting some new winter jersey`s, I got a message from Kinderlove to watch the Father’s Day draw on a new app called Periscope. I actually hadn’t even thought about this competition, I had seen it advertised on Facebook and often reference this sight for parents discussions and decided to take a chance and upload our latest photo of Dad and you too hooligans.

Anyway, Hunter and I patiently watched the video of the draw, very cute by the way and suddenly they drew our family picture out of the hat and announced that The du Plessis` had won the Father’s day #Bobthebuilderdad!

It was such a great way to recognise Dads and Hunter was delighted to have his Dad win a competition and ran through the house screaming “we are a winner!” for about 15 minutes afterward. Needless to say we had a really happy Daddy on our hands the rest of the day.

On the whole it was a beautiful day spent with family.

Award winning photo:

Proud Daddy and brother!
Proud Daddy and brother!

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