Outstanding Work!

My Darling Hunter,

You received your first report card yesterday, and to tell you the truth i always knew that you would do well – I mean you are half of me 🙂 – but you honestly out did yourself.

The feedback from you teacher was so heart warming, and make Dad and I feel proud that you are such an amazing little boy. There must be over 50 items that they scored you on and out of those the large majority was 1`s – Excellent, a few 2`s and only 3 x 3`s. Let me just be clear 3 is not by any means a bad mark because 5 is the worst, its just a focus area going forward.

Teacher Candice gave a summary at the end of you report I have re-typed it so its treasured for ever!

What a lively and enthusiastic little man! Hunter spends a very happy day at school and loves to play with his friends. He has made excellent progress so far this year, we are very proud of him. Hunters pencil grip and control is good, he sometimes needs encouragement to focus on an activity and work a little quicker. Hunter puts a lot of effort into any class activities and always strives for perfection.

He is an absolute joy to have in the classroom and brings smiles to his teachers faces all through the day.

I look forward to spending the next 6 months with this wonderful little boy!

Class Teacher – Candice

I am so over the moon proud of you I cant stop reading it. Well done my little Lion Cub, we both love you muchie and are taking you to Disney on Ice tonight to celebrate.

Well done my baby!

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