Getting Perspective

It’s actually so funny how by the time Monday rolls around your Dad and I look at each other with that knowing look, that we have made it through another hectic weekend, and we are all still smiling albeit just smiling.

This last week was another challenging one! 2 sick children don’t make for an easy weekend either but we made it through somehow.

Hunter had been man down with fever, ear infection and throat infection during the week and while we really had some tough nights we still had the sanctuary of work to escape to daily. It was when Kenzie had been taken to the doctor on Friday that things got real!

Boy we had sleepless nights and moaning children at every turn on Saturday and decided we would have to remain indoors, both for their well-being as well as doing the general public the favour, of not exposing them to the bedlam. I am aware that when your children are sick you should lower your standards for cleanliness and order. I did that and lowered them some more by Saturday night.
However by the time Sunday rolled around I was desperate to get out and just some fresh air. They say if you can’t change them, change your perspective – so we did. Dad had to do some clothes shopping and Kenzie was slightly better, so we headed for Clear Water.

We didn’t make it there very quickly though, because Kenzie managed to vomit all over herself, the car seat, her jersey, vest and her shoes. While we were looking for the closest safe spot (Still live in SA people this is a priority) we could find, Hunter sat in the back in the brace position screaming “I’m scared of vomit!” until we stopped. Thank goodness we had a change of clothes in the bag, however it was a short sleeve T-Shirt (no comments from the peanut gallery please), so I made a note to get her a long sleeve top and a jersey once we got to the shop. We changed her in the boot of the car while Hunter explored the surroundings for Bats, as you do, and Dad wiped down the back seat. Eventually we decided to push on through because she was smiling, it seems that the vom was good her. Glad that the screaming had stopped and welcoming the smell of vomit – only because it came with silence – we made it to Clear Water.


The first thing we did was buy her a change of clothes and a new blankie at the nearest Ackermans – Check. Then we bought Dad some pants for his interview on Monday and decided to sit down to some breakfast at Mugg & Bean, hoping it would encourage the kids to eat something. I think we were there for 10 minutes when Kenzie managed to pour a whole cup of mango juice all over her new long sleeve shirt and the stockings. So, off Dad went to Woolworths to buy some pants for her while I cleaned up, changed her into the track suit top I bought as an extra (thank goodness) while my 3 year old playing superheroes under the table.



Dad got back we put some pants on her and continued to eat the breakfast that both kids turned their noses up at.

Last stop was Reggies to get kenzie her new stage 2 car chair which should have been a simple procedure but the red tape and incompetence infuriated me. Long story short – The voucher from Discovery is only valid if I have a reference number (Keeping in mind i got my reference number a year ago when i received that voucher), but Reggies don’t know who I can call to assist (even though it’s their partnership) and vitality is closed on a Sunday. I lost my SH1T and walked out with the car chair.

Hunter managed to score a Ninja Turtle shell and weapons out of the fiasco and soon we were home.

20150705_202444 20150705_202429

What a busy, crazy day – Perspective…it could have been a lot worse!

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