Bakers Day – Dirt Cups

It was your turn again for Bakers day this week and I had spent a significant amount of time looking on Pinterest for some really different ideas until I came across Dirt cups.

I immediately thought it would be perfect for you because you have taken a huge liking to the outdoors of late. You can spend hours digging in the garden capturing worms and bugs and feeding them, and after watching you and a friend at school the other day digging for “Rats”, I thought they would all enjoy a bit of dirt – something different from the usual cupcake.

So we got to work last night preparing and mixing and we had an absolute ball. Everyone got involved, even Dad and Oupa. To be honest the only reason you and your sister hung around was because you wanted to lick the beaters, but who could blame you, I would join you if I could.

The best part about this was the simplicity. It took 4 boxes of Chocolate mousse, add milk and mix, lick spoons. The second layer was even easier because i literally threw Oreos into the food processor and blended. I layered the mousse and biscuit and topped it off with a sour worm (Hunters choice). I think they turned out to be really awesome. 20150714_173610 20150714_174245 20150714_174257

You woke up so excited for school this morning, and insisted on carrying the box of cups in yourself.

FB_IMG_1437068300093 FB_IMG_1437068378517 FB_IMG_1437068370454 FB_IMG_1437068357258 FB_IMG_1437068348628 FB_IMG_1437068316718

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