Granny Spoils

The two of you are very lucky little monsters! Your Granny D spends most of her day figuring out ways to spoil you and once again your resourceful Granny D has made it happen.

She recently had guests at her guesthouse in Scotland from SA and she managed to convince them – citrus farmers from SA – to bring back a whole bad of clothes from Scotland for the two of you.

I met up with him to collect the package last week and made Thursday night a dress up evening, I took the role as the photographer, as usual. Needless to say, Hunter was in his absolute element trying on his Superhero collection, while Kenzie oo-ed and aah-ed and at times wowed about his princess dresses. Mom and Dad had there own secret spoil too.

I read the beautiful messages to them both and Kenzie nodded her head the whole way through, I take it she understood?

20150723_171830 20150723_171921 20150723_171928 20150723_174541

20150723_174144 20150723_174457

Thank you Granny D for spoiling these rug rats again but more importantly for going out of your way to make it happen.

We love you Granny!


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