Friday night turned into a spoil for everyone. Not only was it payday but your Dad had a successful 2nd interview with very promising feedback and we decided we would have a pre-celebration, celebration. In true SA style loadshedding gave us more of a reason to get out of the house regardless of the cold.

We descended on Pappachinos with the idea of having a quick dinner, and while it wasn’t a late night the two of you had a ball. Hunter made a little friend and they ran off to play dinosaurs together while Kenzie rode on the wings of the plane all evening watching the comings and goings of the other kids. It was the perfect drama free evening, ending with warm baths and warm beds.

The rest of the weekend we did our usual grocery shopping and normal family shannanigans and ended the weekend giving Blake a Robs a visit. I will admit though my intentions were not entirely pure…the visit was planned to once again to escape the dreaded loadshedding, but we had good pure family laughs and well needed catch ups.

20150724_174542 20150724_174621

20150725_100225 20150725_181700 20150726_111929 20150726_111933

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