Artist in the park

My Darling Hunter,

For the last two weeks you have been preparing for the art in the park display at school. All parents were invited to attend the annual gallery display between 13:00 and 15:00 pm this afternoon.

You had been working on their canvas paintings and making sure they are just right for their us, with the intention of coming to show support and purchase your art work.

I did wonder how they were going to keep you from causing a fuss because we weren’t taking you home straight away but they managed to keep all the kids in the back while the parents had a chance to browse through the paintings and catch up.

20150807_130809 20150807_131033

I was so impressed with your art work my little Lion, you had chosen a Dinosaur to paint and it was all inside the lines! Your teachers did mention what a perfectionist you are, and it shows in your work.

20150807_130835 20150807_130821

Here is the work of your 2 besties at school, Luca and Divan:

20150807_131052 20150807_130856

Well done my angel! We are very proud of you.

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