With Winter coming to an end and a long 5 week school holiday ahead of us, Dad and I decided that it would be a good time to take a few days break.
You never realise how much you need leave until you take it, and this short break was exactly what we all needed.
We made our way down to the beautiful little town of Clarens on Monday, stopping on the way at Wimpy of course (family holiday tradition).

Honestly, I think Hunter was far more excited about Wimpy than going on holiday,  partly because he actually has no real concept of what holiday is and partly because he adores the place.
We fielded questions for about 20 minutes about what sort of play area this Wimpy had and what we were all going to eat.

True to form we were greeted with balloons and the two of you had a ball in the play area, while we enjoyed our burgers in peace.


Clarens has always been a divine getaway, but we usually descend with family and fill the house over Easter, so this really was something new for all of us.
What an amazing few days spent with just the four of us. We stayed in the Golf Estate again, and were lucky enough to have a play area right in front of our place, so day 1 was spend exploring and playing, while the underfloor heating made the house cosy for us.

Hunter wasn’t too sure about this holiday home and actually was quite unsettled that we were spending the night, especially because he noted that this holiday house didn’t have any sweets!


Day 2 – after a long lie in and a great cooked breakfast, we started the day with a trip to the park of course, and then made our way into town for some exploring. We finally made it to the blanket shop – i have been trying to get there for about 3 years now –  which makes one of  a kind warm thick blankies. Obviously we had to buy on and Kenzie was the lucky winner simply because the first blanket we saw was made up of all the colours in her room.


The town was literally closed on a Tuesday because they have such busy weekends, so we wondered around and decided to stop at the only open cafe for coffee and waffles. Much fun was had on tractors and swings that surrounded the restaurant.

We ended the day with dinner at the Artichoke Restaurant, which we found by default and thank goodness we did. The owners made us feel so welcome and the food was great.

20150811_122959 20150811_204649

Day 3 – We started the day much later, your sister only opened her eyes just after 8 and we headed for Golden Gate for the day. We made our way to the top of the mountain to the Vulture Restaurant, and fought our way through the howling wind but sadly didn’t see any Vulture. We did however see Falcon and Eagle so it wasn’t a complete waste.


The last night was a relaxed one spent at home while we packed and enjoyed the views of the mountain.

All in all it was wonderful and I feel like we connected again – just what i was hoping for.

Happy Holidays my little monsters!

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