Mandela Day

My Darling Hunter,

This week the theme at school was South Africa. You have learnt all about our country and the important people that have shaped it, including Mandela or “Andela” to you.

It has been so heart warming to listen to you notice the things and sayings around you and actually quite refreshing talking about the special bits of SA for a change.

On Friday you celebrated Mandela`s birthday at school and had to come dressed in the colours of the South African flag. Each child was told to bring a plate of eats for the celebration and we couldn’t leave the house without your South African flag blanket either.

It made me remember when we were teaching you to sing Happy Birthday as a baby, and it happened to be Madiba`s birthday around that time. We sat at the dining room table with you in your high chair as you clapped and sang along with us, even Gogo joined in the celebration.

Mandela`s passing

To a great man that is sorely missed by our country, Happy Birthday Madiba!


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