Spring is in the air!

The weather has definitely changed for the better over the last couple of weeks, we are seeing blossoms, getting used to the feel of grass under our toes again, and in general people just look happier. Its amazing how the weather can affect your mood.

Yesterday, we celebrated Lindy’s birthday, in the park, with a picnic and it was a fantastic day out.

We spent the larger part of the day lounging in the sun while the kiddies ran around climbing on trees and playing in the awesome kids area, filled with slides and swings.


Kenzie took a while to warm up as usual, especially because the day before she had hurt her foot, so she was very weary of putting pressure on it again, but eventually got into the swing of things and played Peek-a-boo, ate and practiced her walking.

20150823_142801 20150823_142807 20150823_142808 20150823_142816

Hunter, had a secret admirer following him around most of the day, a gorgeous little girl – Lindy’s niece in fact – Kellie. But it was made very clear that he had his eye on another little girl from the play park, he actually dragged her over to introduce us and offer her a cupcake! It wasn’t  long until the ice-cream man distracted him and he enjoyed his bubble-gum ice-cream on the tree with his original clan.


It was a stunning day out, and we have been given strict instructions to return with the doggies – we sure will Hunter.


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