Weekend Bliss

The past week has been a very busy one. We celebrated Blake’s 29th Birthday on Tuesday and the rest of the week was consumed with farewells for your Dad as he takes on his new role as Head of Business Insurance Sales – very posh – and making preparations for your 3rd term at school.


It really is supposed to be Spring but we seemed to have missed it altogether, the weather has been amazing, reaching 28 degrees already.

This weekend, we decided to celebrate the warm weather by doing some gardening. We made our way to the nursery on Saturday morning and had some lunch at the cafe, while Kenzie napped and Hunter dominated the play park. After choosing some colourful blooms for our garden we had to stop past the reptile park in the nursery.

Hunter, you astounded us! You held a real life dragon and a very inquisitive corn snake! In fact you enjoyed it so much that you suggested we take Wallace and Brody to a new home and then we can take the dragon and the snake home for you to look after. Just so we clear that is not happening!

20150829_210004 20150829_210138

Kenzie spent the time laughing hysterically at the birds as the flew around there cages, so fun was had by all, but we had a very sad little boy in the car on the way home – he missed his dragon!.

Once we were home, we spent time in the garden finding new homes for our flowers. We got so busy planning that I suddenly noticed how quite it had got. Knowing that I had checked on Kenzie 2 minutes ago, I really didn’t panic but just lifted my head to see what she was up to. Only to find her sitting on Hunters swimming tube on the POOL NET! She had actually made it quite far in as well and only stopped because her foot got stuck, but she was happily dangling her foot in the freezing water. I swear my heart stopped, thank goodness we have that pool net- this one is going to keep us on our toes this summer.

We had an early night and woke up on Sunday to basically press repeat. We spent the day around the baby pool, while Hunter showed us how to swim like Chad le Clos, and Kenzie swanned around in her new butterfly costume from Oupa.20150830_204314

Loving Spring/Summer!

I love you my babies!

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