Becoming a real Madame

My Little MonChiChi,

I have been watching you bloom lately! It seems as though you have suddenly found your place, and personality! Everyday I hear you say a new word, shout at the dogs, organise or comfort Hunter –  time is going too fast!

With summer on the way you have become your brothers shadow, learning and playing together and it really warms my heart to see. Don`t get me wrong you have your moments but even that is so cute to watch.



Words: Mama, Daddy, Gogo, Unter, Oupa, Birdie, Doggie, No, Thank you, Star.

You show moments of being a real little madame, playing with your tea set and running around with your handbag, but other times you are quite comfortable playing superhero`s with Hunter.

IMG-20150920-WA0007 IMG-20150924-WA000020150913_090551

We love you our little MonChiChi!

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