Concert Preparation

My Darling Hunter,

The last couple of weeks there has been a buzz around your school, in preparation for your annual concert. Everyday I arrive and find your teacher hard at work painting backdrops and arranging costumes etc. She has been working her bum off to make this a special day for all of you.

You have always taken an interest in all things creative and often ask if you can help her. Obviously, the answer is always NO, so this week you decided to take matters into your own hands.

I arrived to pick you up from school and found Teacher Candice waiting for me…instant dread!

She asked you if you would like to tell Mommy what happened today at school, to which you replied “Mommy, I want to go home now!” I told you I would speak to Teacher Candice and then chat to you in the car.”

She went on to tell me that they had a birthday party at school today and one of the moms had organised a stunning blow up water slide for the kids, but you had said that you were too sick to slide and were going to wait in the classroom. When she went to check on you, she found you directing 4 other boys on where to paint in the classroom! You were telling Caden not to paint the carpet but the wall instead. You also told Lucky to paint more on the floor and carpet.

The 5 of you had used the time to get the paint out of the Teachers cupboard and decided it would be good to paint the classroom – all over!

Needless to say you were put in timeout.

I loaded you in the car, preparing my speech, but by the time i got in the car I looked back to see this…


I imagine you were pretending and eventually fell asleep, it had been a big day of art directing.

You told me later that you just wanted to be like Teacher Candice so you took the paint, you didn’t want to be a bad boy.

My baby, we had a huge chuckle on WhatsApp with your Uncles, Aunties and Dad about this. So precious!

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