The Dummy Fairy

My Darling Hunter,

For the last couple of weeks we have been hearing whispers about the dummy fairy. Of late those whispers have become louder, to the point where you were asking me everyday why the dummy fairy hasn’t visited you as yet. The real answer, of course, is the fact that your Dad and I weren’t ready for the visit and too be honest I still don’t think we are. Its like admitting that our baby boy is now a real full grown boy who is making decisions for himself.

Anyway, we finally reached the point where we couldn’t delay it any further and decided that last night would be the night.

We arrived home from dinner, to find a letter from the Dummy Fairy on your bed, addressed to you – Hunter.


The letter reads:

Dear Hunter J,

I want to thank you so much for leaving your dummy, just lately we have had a shortage of dummies in fairyland and there are little boys that won’t stop crying. We have been flying around the world collecting dummies for these boys like yourself. 

You have been so kind for giving up your dummy and I have chosen the perfect little boy who is so happy to be getting a dummy from you.
You are a big boy now and no longer need your dummy and baby Joshua will sleep tight knowing that he has your dummy.
If you start to miss your dummy think of how much baby Joshua needs one and make a wish. In return I will make your wish come true.
The dummy fairy.

It was a lovely letter that sparked all kinds of questions like:

“How did she get in here?”

“Wow she is beautiful!”

“Why is the dummy fairy a girl”

The letter came with an envelope where you had to put your dummy in so that she could collect it during the night. She would then leave you a gift for being such a brave boy.

It was all going really well, until Dad spent about an hour trying to put you to sleep. I went to check if he had fallen asleep next to you but as I opened the door I heard “Mom, can you hear someone knocking at the window?”. It was then that I realised that you were too excited for sleep and we decided to put you in bed with us for the night.

You had mentioned that you were a little bit sicky but I hadn’t given it a second thought until you were lying next to me coughing, and I realised the timing of the dummy fairy could possibly have been better because you would need your dummy more when you sick.

Turns out you did! You asked for it every 2 hours for your dummy and eventually at 2 in the morning your Dad took you through to your room to check if the dummy fairy had come yet, and it turns out she had. In between the tears you asked if you could build your lego then, which was a firm NO!

You made it through the night and only asked for it once before I left in the morning but the point is you made it. I reckon if we can get through the weekend without it, you will be in the clear but I also know that Mom and Dad will suffer with you my angel.

At the end of the day I am so proud of you for making this choice, you are definitely a big boy now. Well Done Hunter J!

Love you muchie.

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