Growing too fast!

My Darling Hunter,

In the last 3 weeks you have literally blossomed in front of my eyes! So much so that it has actually has me a little stunned, heart sore and so proud of you at the same time.

It was only 3 weeks ago when you were too scared to even get into the pool and had your dummy attached to your face like a permanent feature for security. Fast forward to this past weekend and its like there is a boy standing in the place of my little baby.

You have come out of your shell, shown us just how brave you are by putting into practice everything you have learnt at swimming lessons. Yesterday you just took a step off the step and walked across the shallow end of the pool then went on to practice your strokes and blowing bubbles. You had an entire cheer team screaming for you along the side of the pool and i will say that I shed a tear because I was so impressed.

As far as the dummy goes, we definitely had our hiccups (Mommy I hate the Dummy Fairy comes to mind), while you learned new coping skills without you dummy as security but we haven’t heard a thing about the dummy the whole weekend, which means I can confidently say you are dummy free…cue the tears from Mom ( In my defense i was very clear about the fact that you may have been ready but i certainly wasn’t.)


Well done my Lion cub!

Love you Muchie!

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