The Festivities begin

This weekend kicked off the Festive season for us. I had heard there would be a giant snow globe in Fourways and Dad and I decided it would be a great way to kick off the Christmas season.

The snow globe was 4m X 4m and a ton of fun! I didn’t anticipate how noisy it would be inside the globe, especially on the way in because the literally unzip the side of the globe and the air blows out when you get in – a little scary for a 17 month old!

Hunter had an absolute blast rolling around and throwing the snow around while Dad snapped away on the camera. Kenzie wasn’t as chuffed by this noisy contraption and held on for dear life but still managed to stop moaning once or twice to take in the surroundings.

We topped the morning off with a great breakfast at Smile and spent the rest of the day shopping and playing Peekaboo.

Sunday morning called for the bird park, which was an absolute hit. We watched the bird show featuring Pelicans, Owls, Falcons, Eagles, Crows and Kookaburras.

It was a great family weekend focused on the kids and left us exhausted but content.

Monday mornings are always hard after such a stunning weekend especially when I have to leave my little girlie behind, but she seemed to understand this and just before I left she came up to me with a bottle of nail polish she had found, handed me the bottle and said “Toes”. Needless to say I left the house watching those little pink toes running around the house.

I love you both MUCHIE!

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