Teepee`s for Thanksgiving

My Darling Hunter,

This week it was your turn for Bakers day again, and because your theme at school was holidays around the world, we decided to make Thanksgiving Teepee`s for your friends and teachers, rather than the usual Christmas treat. I had seen the idea on Pinterest – as usual – and I was surprised at how easy it was.

I am so glad we did! We had so much fun putting these together; you were in charge of the sprinkles and did an excellent job.


I had no trouble getting you out of bed that morning, you were super excited to show off your treats and rightly so. The pictures tell the story for me, but I must say that everyone raved about them when I fetched you that afternoon.

No pressure for next time *hide face*

Granny had sent you a message to say good luck for Bakers day that morning but your weren’t able to listen too it until after school, and you were devasted because you thought she wanted a Teepee and you had sold all of them already. So you sent her a message to say “ Sorry Granny, all my friends and all my teachers are done…and me”

Well done my little Lion cub!

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