Silly Season

Suddenly the excitement around Christmas has tripled, mainly since the launch of Black Friday in SA. After counting down the days for the last week, we committed the whole of Saturday to decorating the house and putting the Christmas tree up.

Every year I am convinced we don’t have enough decorations and buy more but this year I was actually quite shocked at how much we had…and good stuff too, in fact we had to leave some of the decorations in the box. Never the less we had another memorable weekend and all got Christmas hats and put on the carols as we set to work.

Hunter had an absolute ball, singing and dancing commenting on how big the tree was and what decorations should go where, while Dad got stuck into the windows with stencils and snow spray.

This is Kenzie`s first official Christmas and she spent the rest of the weekend rearranging all my hard work, it kept her busy for hours, she even took a break to call Granny D and mumble something while pointing at the tree and laughing.

It really is the most wonderful time of the year and I am only too ready to welcome the Holidays!


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