4th Birthday – Superhero Party

My Darling Hunter,

We celebrated your birthday a little earlier this year, so that we could catch people in town before they all left for the holidays. The theme was Superheros and we asked all your friends to come dressed as their favorite Superhero.



The set up of the party was really fun and Pinterest was a great source of ideas. Each hero got a party pack along with a hot dog, and went home with a Spider-man money box. The adults enjoyed boerie rolls compliments of Dad and Oupa brought some snacks while we waited for the braai.

We had the likes of Spider-man (even though it was too hot to wear your full costume you settled for your Spider-man swimming costume), Cat-girl – Kenzie, Thor, Bat women, Super women, Captain America and Batman.

The Real Spider-man attended too, to keep you all entertained and you lot had an absolute ball. You had this awestruck smile pasted on your face the whole day, it was so good to see you with all of your friends having such a good time!

Your sister is completely taken with Spider-man, she couldn’t take her eyes off of him and hasn’t stopped asking for him since. So much so, that she has taken to your Spider-man toy doll and wraps him in her blanket and offers him a dummy, too cute.

As an added surprise a Minion joined Spider-man and we all got to dance and take photos with both of them.

What an awesome day, Happy 4th Birthday my little Hero!

I got the best thank you from you once everyone had left for the day. You were busy playing with Ruben when I walked past and you got up and said “Um Mom I just want to give you a high 5 and a kiss ok?”

I love you muchie!

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