Ballito holiday 2016

We kicked off the start to the new year with a weeks break in Ballito. This year we decided that we would fly down as a spoil to the kids (and secretly parents too).

We caught the early flight on the 4th of January, much to the excitement of Hunter who got to see the pilots and really soak up the experience. They both fell asleep quickly after take off which made the short flight even better.

We landed at King Shaka and jumped into our hire car for a drive along the coast to Ballito. We stopped for a quick breakfast and then hit the beach. It was the most superb day and Kenzies’s first beach experience was a great one. She got stuck into the rock pools with Hunter and Oupa.



After a good shop for the weeks groceries we checked into our beach house as Hunter called it. We spent an amazing week on the beach and the pool, went out for a prawn dinner where Hunter experienced his first romance with the hostess. He was completely love struck and followed her around blushing and giggling the whole night.


We closed off the holiday with a visit from old friends, they both enjoyed having a friend to play with.

It was all over so quickly but the highlights were:
– Hunter taught himself to swim in the pool with his goggles and snorkel.
– Hunters first romance
– Walking in the rain at night
– Flying
– Kenzie enjoying the beach
– Hunter and Kenzie sharing a room was a treat and they loved waking up together.
– Having no car forced us to walk and enjoy our surroundings
– Kenzies’s speech improved significantly.


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