Hunter beats the dentist!

My Darling Hunter,

I booked your appointment for the Dentist in early December already but I must say it has been weighing on my mind, just because I cant remember when last I actually enjoyed a dentist visit.

Dad and I took you through on Monday and you were super excited which made me more nervous it was like i was leading you into a trap!

You handled beautifully my big boy, not one tear or protest! The dentist did say that you had 3 sticky teeth which meant that you would need a good cleaning and flouride. She asked if she should schedule a booking to put you under anesthetic, but we opted to try it out in the seat before going to the extreme.

20160111_142838 (2) 20160111_142033

Well done my Angel, we will return to clean the other 2 but I swear it was traumatic for me so one tooth was enough for a day.



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