Fat Camp 2016

This past weekend we had our Fat Camp reunion at Bosveld Oase in Brits. Its become something to look forward to every year, when the Du Plessis side of the family gather to celebrate Kitty and Lienke`s birthday.

Off of last years Fat Camp we knew what to expect but somehow we really were not prepared for the amount of amazing food. Elna (the master chef of the family) really didn’t rest, as we finished breakfast she started preparing lunch, then snacks, then tea, then dinner.

This camp was so lovely for a family gathering and the kids rode bikes and swam the whole day and night. Hunter spent his nights playing with Shongololo`s and Rhino beetles and Kenzie had a whole posse of older girls fighting for her attention.

We even unleashed our inner children and tackled the super tubes. Oupa had me in stitches coming off of the slide, I really don`t think i have laughed that hard in a long time.

We laughed, and ate, swam and ate, drank and ate, and then repeated the next day. Its getaways like this that remind you how awesome it is to have a big family. On the menu was braai and boere kos, waffles with salted caramel and ice cream, macaroons, white chocolate and pistachio cake, milk tart, malva pudding, cheese board, sausages, potjie kos…the list was endless but we just kept on eating.

We left on Sunday with heavy hearts and a serious food hangover. Stunning way to kick off the new year!

Happy birthday Kitty and Lienke!

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