Injuries, fixer uppers and a spot of camping

My Darling Hunter,

Without even knowing it this entire weekend was focused on you. It wasn’t planned at all, in fact we had ideas of a low maintenance, low spending weekend in mind.

I arrived home from work on Thursday afternoon with a very excited little boy, whose Dad had promised that the entire evening could be dedicated to building Lego. You waited patiently for Dad to come home and as soon as he had put his things down you ran to the TV cabinet to get your Lego. The problem was that there is no taming a 4-year-old filled with excitement and before we could warn you, you had pulled the entire wooden draw out of the cabinet and dropped it on your foot!. The house exploded with screaming and blood, even a little gagging from your Dad and I, when you weren’t looking. You had managed to split your toe open, just above the nail, and the blood was pumping out. Just to paint the picture correctly, you still think that when you bleed your whole body will be drained of blood…Yes, that`s right you can imagine the panic! It must have been a good half an hour before we managed to calm you down, clean what we could and cover with a Mickey mouse plaster – that cures a number of ailments. You still got to play Lego with Daddy but your foot didn’t set the best start. You went to school the following day in Avengers socks because you wouldn’t dare put a shoe near your foot and I wouldn’t dare send you to school with dirty feet, so I feel like that was a good compromise. If it’s any consolation Dad and I still cringe 4 days later at the state of your poor toe, under the circumstances I reckon I would have been just as dramatic.


Friday night started with you playing dress up with Kenzie. It is one of her favorite games to take your clothes out of your school bag and put them on. So much cuteness!

20160205_182642 - Copy

Saturday morning Hunter and Dad got to work on varnishing the Wendy house. It was hours of entertainment for both of you much to my relief!

20160206_134207 20160206_134201 20160206_134223 - Copy

Saturday night was topped off with a spoil from Dad. He decided he would surprise you with setting up the tent outside so that the 2 of you could spend some Father and Son time together. It felt like Christmas all over again when you found out! The 2 of you snuggled up after a long days work, with marshmallows and water bottles, and were asleep by the time I came to check on you, before closing up for the night.


Kenzie joined you guys in the morning for a while


It was such a wonderful weekend but mainly because your Dad kept you guys entertained while I recuperated from a touch of the flu.

Love you Muchie!

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