Clever Cat!

My Darling Hunter,

I arrived at school to fetch you yesterday to find you in, what looked like, a serious discussion with two of your teachers. You had seen me walk up to the gate and just covered your face, which was an immediate signal that something was up because I am usually asking you to calm down after being bowled over by excitement when I fetch you.

I walked in and asked what was wrong and soon found out that you had just shouted at the teacher because you didn’t want your face washed before you went home. The teachers explained that they were waiting for an apology. I realized at that moment that my timing couldn’t have been worse because I represented an out. I told you that i was willing to wait for the apology too, and after sitting down next to you I saw that the tears were rolling down your face from embarrassment.

After a bit of talking, you started asking for Catty – which made no sense in my world – and the drama continued. Eventually i was able to get you to apologize and with that your class assistant arrived with Clever Cat…Catty! Clever Cat is the class mascot and you had been given the privileged of taking him home for the evening because of good behavior. Oh the irony of it all!


Anyway we left with you smiling and very proud of yourself, and arrived home to a jealous sister. We had just put our things down when Kenzie started pulling on the plastic tube you were playing with, after asking you to please not rock the boat, I looked at a message your teacher had sent apologizing for upsetting you because she loved you so…yes that confused me too, and it was then i heard the scream!

An ear piercing scream followed endless tears…Kenzie had taken the plastic tube from you and decided that you had taken too long to give it to her so she smacked you on the mouth with the damn thing! Blood and tears followed along with the¬†explanation that blood was OK to swallow because I couldn’t walk around with my hand under your jaw for the rest of your life.

I went to bed thinking of how confusing life could be for a 4 year old – a comedy of errors.

Anyway, well done my little Lion!

Love you Muchie.





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