Little Madame

My Darling Kenzie,

March seems to be the month of growth for you. Not only in length but in personality, you have literally bowled us over in the last couple of weeks. I remember feeling the same way with Hunter but its somehow so much worse now that i know you are the last baby in the Du Plessis household.

March started with the dogs getting a much needed haircut. It was something so mundane for us that we didn’t even think it would affect you at all – but you certainly let us know all about it. The dogs are usually cut in the garage so you had spent the day blissfully unaware of the groomer at work. Tebogo told us that you had been sitting on the couch waiting for lunch when Wallace ran into the house to show off his new haircut. Tebogo heard this blood curdling scream and thought that you had fallen, but she soon realized that you were screaming at Wallace.

By the time I got home you were completely petrified and kept telling me that Wallie and Brody were teddy bears. It took you another day to get over your shock and to be honest you are still a little weary of Wallace but have made firm friends with Brody.


You are able to:

Talk in short sentences – my favorite being “Jou boude!”

Brush your own teeth

Eat by yourself

Play on the big slides with your brother

Throw great tantrums

Climb on everything, including the back of the couch

Carry your brothers school bag to the car


We love you so much Girlie!

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