Pirates, Princesses and Flowers

There is nothing more heart warming than watching my children play together, using their imagination and fighting bad in the world together. This weekend was no different. Friday kicked off with a fantastic game where Hunter was a Pirate and soon realized that he could rescue his sister. The two of you played so well together and gave me a chance to watch from a distance as you leopard crawled, dug up treasure and hid from the baddies together.20160311_165852

The weekend was spent with the 4 of us just hanging around the house and you two made the most of it. Especially when you picked flowers from the garden for me – while I was on the phone to Granny – flowers that I had literally taken 2 years to grow to that length! In all honesty the smiles on your faces made it all OK.


We ended off the weekend painting our first batch of Easter eggs, which kept you busy for a couple of hours. Hunter really had a ball doing this, it was our first time and we used food coloring as the paint so needless to say that there are a few changes I would make to the set up next time. We managed to find a great branch to hang the finished product on and I was so proud of how great they look. The final picture will be posted when we have done some more but here is a sneak peek of the stunning eggs you made.


The Easter bunny would be so proud!

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