Easter Bakers day 2016

My Darling Hunter,

Last week was your Bakers day, the first one of 2016, and we were lucky enough to get the Easter slot which meant that I had a range of ideas to work with. We settled on the chocolate egg idea and they came our really beautifully.

2016-03-23 08 13 28

I think that this Bakers day was by far the most enjoyable because;

A) You are older and actually want to help

B) The idea was so much fun – watching the egg come alive was “amazing” apparently.

C) I got to watch both my children licking the bowl, which really makes me happy – the stuff memories are made of.

You woke up bouncing around and couldn’t wait to get to school. Thankfully it was overcast today and the traffic was dreamy, so we managed to transport the eggs without them melting. Your teachers were waiting for you upon arrival, your bakers treats have become something to look forward to which made Mommy proud.

The teachers were unanimous in their decision that you were the Best Baker they have had so far. Well done my baby!

Love you muchie!


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