Easter Monday meets Lion and Rhino Park

We had a busy weekend but I couldn’t face another day at home while the weather was still so great, so we decided to do a bit of game viewing.

We packed a few snacks and head out to the Lion and Rhino park. The last time we were there Kenzie was a couple of months old and our experience was far less desirable. This time the two of you stood on the back seat screeching with delight at any animal we passed – I mean any animal! even the squirrels and birds got a yelp!.

We saw a pride of Lion lazing in the sun, plenty different types of buck, warthog, squirrels and Zebra before we headed to the picnic/braai area for some lunch.

After lunch we went to the rehabilitation center where Hunter got to play with very sleepy Lion cubs, and Kenzie made friends with a Jaguar and baby Leopard. In fact, the Jaguar was completely taken with her and watched her every move. He then slowly retreated to the back of the cage, while we we trying to keep her fingers out of the cage, and suddenly pounced forward banging the cage right in front of her. This brought on great excitement…I think… I could barely tell with my heart beating so loud in my ears!

We finished off the day with a visit to the snakes and crocs and as we made our way back home we managed to spot 2 Rhino`s on the mountain – day made – the rest of the trip home quiet, with two little humans passed out in the back of the car.

Another great day.


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