Easter Sunday 2016

I know that I always say this but its only because we are reminded more on big holidays of just how much you are growing. Last year this time we had to carry Kenzie around to look for Easter eggs and this year she sprinted around herself gathering her eggs. In fact, she actually woke Hunter up shouting “Hunter, Easter bunny! Hunter, Easter bunny!”

The two of you raced through to the lounge and found a speckled egg trail from the passage door all the way to the Easter bags the bunny had left you. He gave Kenzie some bunny ears in her bag and you got an Easter egg decorating kit.

We then let you loose in the garden to hunt for more eggs, it felt like 3 minutes and you had both gathered everything he left for you. You started the day with chocolate and literally didn’t stop eating until we physically removed them from you.

We enjoyed lunch with Blake, Ouma and Oupa with calls from Ryan and Steph as well as Granny, and even had a second hunt with the amount of eggs that Blake bought for you.


It was such a perfect day, my heart literally swells with love when i see you enjoying yourselves so much.

Happy Easter my bunnies!

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