Monte`s Easter Village

We made our way to Monte Casino to the Easter village on Saturday. What an amazing day! It was so well organised, packed with fun for the two of you and thankfully busy enough to create a vibe but not so busy that we were counting down the minutes to leave.

Everything was so well thought out, there was a train got you from the play area to the Clamber club and art & crafts area, so every minute was enjoyed by the kids.

Hunter had a whale of a time sliding down the giant slides and Kenzie was right behind him (I was only needed to get her up the castle not because she actually need me). Kenzie had her first manicure “Gogo painted, mommy”.


We met the Oros man, the Jelly tot man, got hand outs from the Easter bunny and the Oreo promoters (I swear my bag was bulging with cookies and chocolate eggs), rode on the tea cups, Hunter even tried out the kids bungee which was really impressive for a 4 year old.

We ended the day with some pizza and a stiff drink for Mom and Dad before making our way to the fountains for a quick swim.

The whole day was so much fun and the best part was that it only cost us a lunch.

#childhood memories

Love you my bunnies.


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