Annual Cousin Reunion

This past weekend your cousins Liam and Caitlin were out from London and we got to spend 2 days catching up.

We enjoyed a typical South African braai on Saturday with the whole Du Plessis family. There is no other word than magical to watch the two of you play with your cousins. We spent the day reminiscing, eating, laughing and of course planning the next time we would all be together again.

I literally didn’t see Hunter unless he needed a drink, the boys played in the “woods” and made potions, had Easter egg hunts – about 20 Easter egg hunts! – And just enjoyed being boys. The girls made perfumes and spent a lot of time trying to include Kenzie in the festivities.

Hunter had his first sleep over; it went very well he didn’t ask for us once. In fact even when we met for lunch the next day he barely said hello because Ruben and him had things to do, like being Leopards in the closest tree and growling at every child that came past.


Kenzie got to have her first cousin bath with the big girls and kept them entertained.

There is nothing better than to watch your kids having pure fun, it was such a lovely weekend, enjoyed by all, even though it was cut short because Kenzie wasn’t feeling too well.

We also received a package from Granny D from Scotland which gave Kenzie some focus for the day. Hunter only saw the dinosaur he got late on Sunday but played and named it and of course fell asleep with it.

Saturday night couldn’t have ended better! Ryan and Stef called to ask if I would be William God Mother! It is the most amazing honour; I literally can’t wait for that little boy to be born. I got the most beautiful poem whatsapped  – special memories!


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