Hunters 1st Sports Day

My Darling Hunter,

You participated in your first Sports Day last week. It was such a wonderful event and we all had so much fun cheering for you from the side line.

Oupa, Kenzie, Daddy and I arrived at your school just before 2 o`clock, and it wasn’t long before you and the Dynamic Ducks team marched from your class into your house.

The whole event was too precious, we watch Dinky Dino`s doing their thing with everyone screaming and you guys stood on the side screaming your practiced war cries.

Then it was your turn, you starred in 2 races – one was batting a ball down the drive way and around the cones and back – you were an absolute star my angel! The second race was more of an obstacle course and after a tricky start you were off. It was so much fun to watch and Kenzie had the time of her life watching her big brother run so fast.

After the children’s events the Moms had their go at the obstacle course, your Moms team won…obviously! Then Oupa stood in for Dad in the skipping race. Lastly it was Moms vs Dads race, jumping through Hulla Hoops and building puzzles, no question who won that race!

Well done my little Lion we are super proud of you!

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