Kenzie`s 1st day of school

My little Monchichi,

Today was your first day of school and I cant stop this pain in my chest! We have been planning this for a long time but I feel like time is really moving too fast!

You were extremely excited to get the day started, you actually woke up at 12 last night all ready to start the day. This morning you and your brother raced around the house playing and shouting while I ran around after you getting you ready for the big day. Oupa wrote you a letter that you can open once you are big enough to read, simply to tell you how much he will miss having you around during the day.

The car drive was a challenge but we made it through the traffic and you were only too happy to get out and walk into the school with Hunter.

We first stopped at his class so that he could show you off to his friends and then made our way to your classroom, where you found yourself a dolly to play with almost immediately. They has a beautiful cot set up for you with teddys and a blankie, so while you were talking to Teacher Amina I said goodbye and slipped out.

No tears! I can but cant believe it! Hunter literally howled for about 6 months.

Well done sweet heart, your teacher says that you are eating well and playing with friends but wont sleep.

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