Nostrils experiments

My Darling Hunter,


Today was a new lesson in parenting, remind me to sit back and chuckle when your kids do this to you!

We started the morning well, both you and Kenzie were up early for school, dressed and ready. I was packing lunchboxes when you came up to me holding your nostril open and said “Mommy look”. I took a glance, expecting to see another scratch from Kenzie, and didn’t see anything so assumed I was right and replied “oh sorry my boy.”

But you persisted, with a lot of sniffing, “No mommy but look!” so I turn on the light and have a good look. Only to find one of my necklace wooden beads stuck in your nostril! That`s right, a pink wooden bead STUCK IN YOUR NOSE!

Trying not to freak out completely, I say “Stop sniffing and go lie down on the couch, breathe through your mouth Hunter!”, to which you reply “OK Mom” and sniff! I got the tweezers and managed to get it out without further harm, still thinking how amazingly calm I am will pulling a bead out of your nose. Thankfully it was a bigger bead and got stuck on the way in. I pull it out thinking I need to find a quiet place to calm the hell down when your sister pipes up “OK my turn!”

Needless to say, the beads are in the dustbin!

Thanks for the lesson my boy!


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